Repairs Policy

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The landlord is responsible for repairs to the structure of the building as well as the electrical, heating and plumbing systems.

This includes drains, external pipes, and windows when they have not been blocked or damaged by the tenant.

Please ensure it is a landlords repair you are requesting before reporting it via the website. If you request a repair that the landlord is not responsible for, and those works are carried out, or a contractor attends generating a call out charge, then you may be charged.

Please also note that you may also be charged for missed appointments by companies if you make an appointment directly with them and are not in at the agreed time.

Some examples of repairs you as the tenant are responsible for include;

  • Maintain and renew internal decoration, including the cleaning of condensation and black spot mould caused by poor ventilation and/or insufficient heating
  • Clear blockages in waste pipes and toilets, even if this is accidental. If the problem persists, contact our office
  • Maintain any improvements made by yourself
  • Minor repairs to plaster, including filling minor holes and cracks
  • Look after and replace sink plugs, tap washers, toilet seats and lids, shower hoses, shower heads
  • Replace light bulbs, starter motors for strip lights, fuses
  • Replace smoke alarm batteries as required (they must be working when you move in)
  • Fit and maintain doorbells, letterboxes and handles (unless you live in a flat)
  • Mend broken glass to your own front doors and windows if you have caused the damage
  • Repair and maintain kitchen cupboard doors, drawers, cupboard catches and hinges
  • Repair or replace keys and locks because of any damage caused by yourself, your family and/or your visitors. This also includes repairs or replacements because keys have been lost or stolen
  • Bleed radiators
  • Repair and replace internal doors, door handles and latches, including adapting internal doors to fit carpets
  • Looking after and replacing floor coverings and carpets
  • Pest control if you have lived at the property for more than 7 days
  • Cut the grass and maintain gardens and/or outside space commensurate with the season

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